And we strongly believe that! 



That’s why we have created hubME, a place for you, our candidates and business friends,


who need to get out of what recently happened to all of us and more or less impacted our lives.



We try to make a package offer as much as attractive and useful, it will evolve according to the success of hubME,


and mainly according to your feedbacks: it is for you & made for you.

  • 1 day/week

Let’s move time to time from home. We give you access to our 230m2 office space, and any of its rooms. You will choose where you want to sit according to place availability, you can enjoy meeting people, working for yourself, study… Wi-Fi included

  • During 1 month: your profiling online

We will be pleased to put on our website new dedicated page, your anonymous career summary. We hope that all the PR we will do to promote hubME will make you visible to potential employers.


  • Workshop

We do simple: every business/career topics which could help you, may be discussed. Our coach partners will dedicate 2h workshop with you, in small group, respecting a safe environment. We may also make it online if needed. We will share with you the topics...

  • Exclusive moments by inspiring people

We will do our best to get inspiring people for a live talk with you, in small group or online, for 1h30 according to our guest’s agenda. We make it possible for you because we believe that we always need inspirations, ideas, or just the right contact to make the next move. So let’s do it….

  • YES WE DO IT! Just for CZK500/month

Access to all of that, in a safe and inspiring space, a crossroad of experience, positive energies -

this is hubME 

Here are more info and the registration form.