In our organization, there will be no rules to tell us what not to do.


Rules that tell us what not to do hold people back. Instead the rules should help push people forward.


In our group, the rules consist of a list of the things that are allowed. It's called the Allowed List, and this is what it says.


You are allowed to:

  • Make the decision you think is the right decision to make
  • Start something that needs to be started to help advance the cause
  • Ask for help whenever you want it
  • Help others whenever you can (even if they don’t ask for it)
  • Take time off to do something that inspires, excites and energizes you…


Everyone is expected to follow these rules and everyone is expected to hold the others accountable to them. "After all, if we didn't follow the rules...there would be chaos..."


Inspired by Simon Sinek