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Personal Development & Team Principles

You are a well-liked manager of a team. Kind and respectful, and sensitive to the needs of others. You are a problem solver; you tend to see setbacks as opportunities. You’re always engaged and are a source of calm to your colleagues. Your manager feels lucky to have such an easy direct report to work with and often compliments you on your operational skills. And you indeed count on Ops’ skills as one of your strengths; you’re grateful for at least one thing you don’t have to work on as part of your leadership development. It’s strange, though — even with your positive outlook, you are starting to feel stuck in your career. You just haven’t been able to demonstrate the kind of performance your company is looking for. Because the focus is very often placed on sociability, sensitivity, and likability, it’s missing critical elements that could make you stronger and more effective leader. What about the ability to deliver difficult feedback to employees, the courage to face conflicts and drive change, the creativity to think outside of the box. The Challenge is to be a better me today, and every day further on during my professional Journey...

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Non financial Motivation & Talent Retention

It might be the right time to replace HR for Human Resource by HR for Human relationship. Our company people, people we hired, welcomed, trained, and our people we care about every day, are not commodities; they should not be considered the same as electricity, gas, paper and water. What are our expectations as employees: to receive appropriate and fair feedback from my boss. To understand where we go. To understand my role. To feel safe. To have space for creativity. To develop myself…. And what if this is true for me and also for others? Leaders have perfected the art of getting others to do something because they resonate with the message, the idea, or the vision. Great leaders do this with ease—and we can, too, if we make these traits a priority in our own development and growth.

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How to Attract Talent & Recruitment Process in 2017

It’s in your best interests to find the candidates that are closest to the brief, both in terms of experience, track record and attributes & behaviours. Great recruitment is a result. A result coming from company persistent, coherent and clear message of its vision & its leaders’ behaviours.





Customer Service & Retailees’ motivation

Nowadays here are the key 2 questions that any/every Employer should be able to answer for his current & future employees: “Why should my employees wake-up every morning and be happy to come to work for our company and our clients”? “What our company must do to ensure our employees get a high sense of fulfilment when it’s time to go back home after a hard working day”? These 2 questions are relevant regardless the remuneration level, the work definition, the location, the name of the brand/company, the quality of the products/services, etc… Because these questions are directly touching the essence of people at work: their engagement, their loyalty, their creativity and capacity to deliver every day a better customer service.„TRUST your people in store, they are in charge of the clients, not you…“ How to make this possible...







Svačina - Retail Breakfast

We share in the following pages a brief review of the topics we discussed during the last 2 years of our Svačina Retail Breakfast history.

Edition 2015 - 2016